Eight ways to increase CRM adoption in your organisation

This whitepaper looks at eight ways organisations can increase CRM adoption.

Just a decade ago, fewer than half of sales organisations took advantage of CRM, but today, nearly 83% have implemented CRM. Achieving a competitive advantage is no longer about owning a CRM system; it’s about making the wisest use of customer information to evolve your sales, marketing, and customer service best practices.

CRM can only help improve sales and the customer experience if it’s fully and consistently adopted throughout the organisation. Many companies have implemented CRM solutions, but too often, actual adoption and usage among employees remains low.

In a recent survey of sales and marketing professionals, 87% indicated they were required to use CRM, but 79% of those professionals admit they just “tick the box” to satisfy their bosses. Adoption requires more than mandating usage. Employees need to get real value from meaningful information visualised effectively in the CRM system and by understanding how the tools can help them get more done.