Digital Transformation for SMEs: What you should know
7 May 2019 / Digital Transformation
The world of communication is changing and with it, an entirely new landscape emerges in the digital age.
The Product Manager’s Guide to Growth
16 April 2019 / Business & Strategy
How to use differentiation, agile development and new business models to grow the business.
Multi-Cloud Fundamental to Financial Services Transformation
2 April 2019 / Cloud & Edge Computing
A Black & White paper is a study based on primary research survey data that assesses the market dynamics of a key enterprise technology segment through the lens of the “on the ground” experience.
6 Critical Reasons for Office 365 Backup
15 October 2018 / IT management
This 5-minute, easy-to-read document explains why organizations need to protect Office 365 data.
Veeam & Microsoft Combine to Offer Rapid Time to Value for Cloud Data Protection
15 October 2018 / Data Protection & Privacy
IDC estimates that more than 70% of organizations have a cloud-first application deployment strategy to align with digital transformation initiatives.
Location Intelligence Drives a Competitive Edge in the Digital Age
24 September 2018 / Digital Transformation
Location intelligence is the new hot topic in the business intelligence community. But what exactly is it and how can you take advantage?
How to Select a Self-Service Data Prep Solution
18 September 2018 / Data Storage & Data Lakes
The rise of the self-service analytics era has called for a more flexible, iterative approach to data preparation.
IDC Technology Spotlight
30 August 2018 / Data Analytics & Data Science
In this report, leading independent analyst firm IDC examines the data challenges organizations face as they move toward faster and faster application development cycles.
From ECM to Content Services: Evolution or Revolution
22 August 2018 / IT management
The move from ECM to Content Services has been well debated - but what does it actually mean for end-users?
The Power of Graph-Based Search
1 August 2018 / Tech Giants
Graph-based search, powered by systems like Neo4j, is able to deliver relevant information that you may not have specifically asked for.
Practical Techniques for Data Preparation
20 July 2018 / Data Storage & Data Lakes
Practical Techniques for Data Preparation, the first how-to guide on data wrangling.
The Total Economic Impact Of Flexera
13 July 2018 / The City & Wall Street
Cost savings and business Benefits Enabled By Flexera’s Data Platform.
How to build a hybrid cloud, your way!
13 July 2018 / Cloud & Edge Computing
Hybrid Cloud is the Foundation for Storage Agility and Economics
The ROI of Data Preparation Platforms
13 July 2018 / Data Analytics & Data Science
How the investment in data wrangling pays for itself.
A step-by-step guide to cloud adoption and data protection
13 July 2018 / Cloud & Edge Computing
Public clouds can become an essential part of your data protection strategy.
Availability for today’s multi-cloud enterprise
18 June 2018 / Cloud & Edge Computing
The extent to which multiple cloud service providers are being used today among IT decision makers.
The Talent Spotter CIO
8 May 2018 / CIO
How smart CIOs surround themselves with the skills and talent to deliver high business performance.
The money advice service story
8 May 2018 / CIO
Our case study explores the negative experience the Money Advice Service (MAS) had with a previous IT supplier.
The fighting fit CIO
8 May 2018 / CIO
How smart CIOs use customer-centric managed IT services to ensure their organisation stays in shape and fighting fit.
A Structured approach to unlocking game-changing innovations for your business
19 March 2018 / Business & Strategy
This new guide ‘Inside The Innovation Lab’ explains how this Innovation Lab, and this proven, data-driven process will help you quickly move forward with market-validated concepts.
Helping your utility company to thrive under pressure
19 March 2018 / Utilities
More competition. More customer power. More regulation.
The great IT migration
28 February 2018 / Diversity
The presence of female role models, like Davis, is essential in closing the gender gap in the tech industry and mitigating the current digital skills crisis.
PCI Compliance in the AWS Cloud
20 February 2018 / Cloud & Edge Computing
This workbook provides guidance on building an environment in Amazon Web Services that is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).
Why you need a codeless service management tool
16 February 2018 / IT management
Today, like with everything else, things have dramatically changed. Today, time to value has become key, and IT organisations must deliver business value every day.
Adobe Creative Cloud: Building a creative process for the modern world
22 January 2018 / Media & Marketing
If reimagining the world feels too grandiose, it’s okay to start smaller – even within your own business.
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