The Talent Spotter CIO

How smart CIOs surround themselves with the skills and talent to deliver high business performance.

The challenge for CIOs is how to make better use of the changing ways in which talented people are engaging with the workplace. This isn’t always a simple task; our years of experience have taught us that each hot new trend in IT services has something to offer, but there’s alway a risk in there too.

While many CIOs already recognise that they can benefit from using outsourced partners, not all are going about it the right way. Engaging the services of a provider who fails to understand your company culture, or has no in-built structure to foster an understanding of what matters to your business and your people, will only provide more problems than solutions.

If your third-party provider delivers the same service for all its customers, you’re likely to start from scratch on the same IT problem again and again. This means:
The technological expertise to make the right decisions, so each challenge gets addressed rapidly.
The analytical depth to understand the business demands of your organisation, not just to its array of hardware and software.
The emotional intelligence to empathise with your employees as people with IT challenges you can fix, not names on an trouble ticket.
It’s a tall order. And perhaps not one you have time or resources to solve in-house. But trust us: when you get these factors right (or task someone to get them right alongside you), the result is a joy to behold.

So let’s take a wander through the challenges facing today’s talent spotter CIO. And while we do so, keep in mind the old adage: if you think professionals are expensive, wait until you’ve hired an amateur.