Early adopters of software-defined to pass on learnings at UK-first event

Early adopters of software-defined infrastructure will pass on their learnings at the UK’s first software-defined data centre (SDDC) event, SDx Symposium.

Steve MacPherson, CTO of Oscar-winning visual effects firm Framestore, and Keesup Choe, CEO of data-services company PI Limited, will tell attendees how they have embraced the vision of software-defined infrastructure to handle large datasets and heavy workloads.

The Open Networking Foundation’s Gerry Feeney will also be on hand to show how more early adopters are transforming their networks through the software-defined model, while Ovum principal analyst Roy Illsley discusses how the SDDC is changing the way we think about IT.

Occupying the keynote slot will be Clive Freeman, chief technologist of HP’s UK enterprise group, who will explain why software-defined is the future of the enterprise, while Palo Alto’s Nirmal Davé examines the trend from a security perspective.

And research director Bola Rotibi and executive consultant Richard Lee will analyse the technology in more depth by looking at how it is causing rethinks in the areas of network ownership and privacy, respectively.

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While the technology is now available to deploy an SDDC, challenges remain in the areas of user awareness and people-process.

With all IT delivered as a service, the SDDC is undoubtedly one of the most transformative trends facing IT – but contrasting opinions around the technology have created confusion.

SDx Symposium, which takes place on 15 May at the Langham Hotel in London, will provide IT executives with a comprehensive view of the technology’s capabilities, requirements and business value.

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