Eight reasons your staff should love cloud storage

In the years since, cloud storage has become ubiquitous – more and more companies use it, and many individuals have their mobile devices linked to cloud accounts as well.

But, familiar as the cloud has become, not everyone understands the simple benefits of using a cloud-based system. If you work in a company that is introducing, or has introduced, cloud technology, here are eight advantages of cloud systems that you can train your I.T staff on and that your team should welcome.

Information is accessible

If your company needs to make information easy to get at for its employees, then a cloud-based solution can let those employees see the information anywhere they can get an internet connection. No phoning the office and pleading for help, no lugging around sensitive information on easy-to-lose memory sticks or laptops.

It cuts down on bulk

Gone are the days when you would have to email a huge document, complete with graphics and video content, to 500 people then sit and wait… and wait… and wait as the huge files played havoc with the available bandwidth. With cloud storage, you just stick a copy in a drop-box and email a simple link to those 500 people.

It's easy

It no longer matters where information is stored, whether it's on a server in your basement or a facility in Scandinavia. Good cloud solutions offer drag-and-drop simplicity on all relevant platforms, wherever you are.

It saves money

Bulk storage benefits from economies of scale and, frankly, do you think financial officers would sign off projects that made it more expensive to store information?

It's your friend in an emergency

If your office is evacuated, if you have to get information at short notice, or if your computer system decides to fall over completely, the information you need is still to hand.

It's fast

If you need to make data available quickly, or back it up immediately, the cloud is the way to go. Think of a professional photographer, who shoots images that need to go to a client immediately. Not only can they use the cloud for rapid and reliable photo transfers, they are also backing their precious work up in the process.

It's popular

The annual State of the Cloud survey by RightScale shows relentless growth. These users can't all be wrong.

It's as secure as you want

Public cloud systems – built for shared use by multiple clients – were considered secure enough to be used by around 24% of large European enterprises in 2014, according to official EU statistics. Many firms use private cloud solutions, with hardware, storage and network used by one client only, for additional security. It is common to use a hybrid approach, keeping non-sensitive information on the public cloud and with a private cloud for confidential information. In other words, the cloud is safe.

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