England Hockey deploys Intuitive Dashboards to help secure increased funding

England Hockey, the national governing body for hockey in England, has selected Intuitive Dashboards, Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard solution from Intuitive Business Intelligence, in order to secure higher levels of funding, resulting from precise KPI monitoring across the Not for Profit (NFP) organisation.

The dashboard solution integrates seamlessly with England Hockey’s core membership and CRM solution, IntegraNG, from Advanced NFP, providing senior managers with remote access to real-time data held within the CRM system. This includes participation levels, enabling instant identification of trends and opportunities across different sites, geographical boundaries and demographics in order to help secure increased funding.

Laura Tuffrey, CRM Officer for England Hockey, comments, 'Participation levels are absolutely critical to how much funding we secure. The combined deployment of IntegraNG and Intuitive Dashboards has enabled us to consolidate the wealth of dispersed data on our members and gain detailed, actionable insight via a single, interactive dashboard platform.

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Using Intuitive Dashboards, our countrywide National Managers are empowered with enhanced visibility of their KPIs through easy access to accurate, real-time information, plus it also allows our senior board to instantly view our overall performance in order to effectively maximise the potential funding available to us. 

'We will be eliminating a long and complex reporting process, which involved multiple users accessing one spreadsheet, and replaced it with a state-of-the-art, interactive dashboard solution which allows us to instantly access our critical information. Intuitive Dashboards delivers unprecedented insight, enabling us to proactively forward plan, ensuring participation opportunities, such as demographical and geographical trends, are optimised, KPIs are met and critical decisions are made on a regional and board level. We’re delighted with the speed and ease of implementating the tools, which will be rolled out across the organisation over the next six months.'

The highly customisable and graphical nature of Intuitive Dashboards enables England Hockey users to tailor their dashboard to suit their own KPI measurements and visual preferences, ensuring it is relevant and meaningful for quick and accurate decision-making.

This unified approach to measurement and monitoring is currently rolled out across the regional development teams, IT and business systems management and at board level. Future planned implementations will integrate with the online booking WPD tool and the Single System Online Registration System for England Hockey’s Talent Pathway.

Affording the management board immediate access to up-to-the-minute performance, Intuitive Dashboards provides an advanced level of performance visibility throughout the organisation, which has significantly streamlined processes and ensured actionable business insight is delivered at every opportunity for increased operational efficiencies and funding.

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'As a national governing body, it is critical for England Hockey to efficiently report on and measure participation levels in order to secure and increase year-on-year funding,' says Richard Abraham, Channel Development Manager at Intuitive Business Intelligence. 'Intuitive Dashboards has provided a simplified approach to the arduous KPI reporting process, enabling users to accurately measure different areas of participation throughout the organisation. As a result, England Hockey now enjoys much greater visibility of areas of success and areas needing focus to ensure both individual and organisational targets are achieved and surpassed.

'I’m delighted to welcome England Hockey to our growing base of Not For Profit customers who are now benefitting from detailed insight of their critical performance data, enabling them to produce meaningful reports, conduct essential trend analysis and help secure ongoing levels of funding which will ultimately secure their future.'

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