How the enterprises have embraced social media

Social media has become online platforms that are visited by most of the Internet users. Almost every Internet users, regardless of their age check their social media profile present on some of the popular networks like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter at least once a day. So, in a way, checking your social media profile is like checking your email. This is one of the main reasons why the enterprise has decided to embrace social media too.

According to some statistics, almost half of the enterprises in the developed world are using social media including social media networks, blogs, wiki content and content-sharing websites.

It is interesting that the size of the enterprise doesn’t play a role in this process. Almost an equal number of small businesses and large enterprises are using social media.

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Today, almost every modern enterprise is aware of the significance of online presence. Most of them have well-developed websites, but the truth is that social media provide a different approach, something that they cannot achieve with their own websites. As relayed before, social networks are still the most popular form of social media today. So, why did the enterprises embraced social media?

It turns out that there is more than one good reason for that. Generally speaking, we can divide the use into two categories – to establish external communication and to establish internal communication.

The first category includes potential and loyal customers, business partners and other organisations that might be using social media. In order to establish such external communication, the enterprises are using different methods.

For instance, they are creating Pages and accounts where they are posting information about their current offer or their upcoming products and services. They are also interacting with their fans/followers.

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In addition, they are using these social media networks to find potential partners in their niche or compatible niches. In fact, the importance of social media has forced many enterprises to buy followers. By expanding their current base of followers, they hope that they can become visible to the outside world which is true in many cases.

Finally, they use social media as some sort of customer support service and even as an online store. But, what is even more interesting is that many of them use social media platforms to communicate inside their organisation.

The truth is that many popular platforms like Facebook, for example, have developed secure, efficient online messengers. This makes the communication between the employees much faster and more convenient. While we are talking about the internal use of social media for enterprises, we have to mention the fact that many of them are using these platforms for employee

This is quite natural because as we said before, most of the people are present on these networks and they are looking for jobs. In fact, there are specially designed social media networks like LinkedIn for example, where companies are looking for employees and professionals are looking for jobs.


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