Face digital disruption head on

According to a study from Fujitsu, 100% of UK public sector leaders admit that their organisation has been impacted by digital disruption.

It seems that more than ever before, public sector organisations are growing in confidence in their ability when it comes to digital.

The report highlighted that 36% of organisations are more confident than they were two years ago when it comes to managing digital disruption. This is also reflected in the fact that 65% believe they are taking charge of digital disruption.

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86% of public sector leaders also revealed that digital disruption presents exciting opportunities for government.

However, 93% of these public sector executives shared a word of warning, believing that organisations need to innovate faster if they are to keep up with digital disruption and survive the next five to ten years.

This precaution is represented by the 64% of UK public sector leaders who are still concerned about the future of their organisation when considering the impact of digital disruption.

“Digital is one of the biggest opportunities for government today, so it’s encouraging that this study reveals that departments, agencies or authorities are increasingly ready for the challenges digital disruption presents”, commented Steven Cox, Vice President and Head of Public Sector, UK & Ireland, Fujitsu.

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“From artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things to cloud and robotic process automation, there are lots of benefits associated with digital services, and it’s important to be confident that the digital infrastructure can securely deliver on the essential services to make a difference to people’s lives.”


When looking closer at what needs to be done to thrive, government and the public sector also believe the power of collaboration and co-creation is key to success in the digitally disrupted future.

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When assessing what is most needed to thrive in a digital world, 71% of respondents revealed that collaboration with technology experts is vital to survive, while the same percentile admitted “people and talent” were crucial to sustained success.

57% said it was digital strategy and another 57% said it was “the ability to co-create with a technology expert to deliver out digital strategy”.

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