Google Maps now available on iOS6

Web giant Google has launched the latest version of its mapping application through Apple’s App Store, meaning that iPhone 5 users can now download the software.

In September, Apple unveiled its latest iPhone, the iPhone 5, and a new operating system, iOS 6. For the first time, Google Maps was not the default mapping application. Instead, Apple had installed its own alternative, Apple Maps.

It proved an unpopular decision as users found the early versions of Apple Maps to contain numerous errors. In a recent interview with Bloomberg Businessweek that the company had "screwed up" the app.

Today, Google announced that a new version of its mapping application is available through Apple’s App Store.

"People around the world have been asking for Google Maps on iPhone," wrote Starting today, we’re pleased to announce that Google Maps is here—rolling out across the world in the Apple App Store.

"It’s designed from the ground up to combine the comprehensiveness and accuracy of Google Maps with an interface that makes finding what you’re looking for faster and easier."

Google said the “sharper looking” app takes advantage of the iPhone 5’s longer 4-inch display, and allows the user to title the phone to rotate vector-based 2D and 3D map views.

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The application also features information on over 80 million searchable businesses and points of interest, Google said, which includes addresses, opening hours, ratings, reviews, images and directions.

Google’s new map app is available on the iPhone and fourth-generation iPod Touch running iOS 5.1 and higher.

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