Govia Thameslink Railway joins swiftscale network

With the wider rail sector being particularly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, the collaboration between Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) and swiftscale aims to enable the continued development of technologies and data across the operator’s extensive supply chain and improve customer experience.

Through working with the network, GTR will look to advance its procurement activities, while bolstering collaboration with organisations across the rail sector.

Following assessment of GTR’s strategic needs, technology capabilities and current challenges, swiftscale will recommend companies that can meet these requirements.

With prospective partnerships focusing on emerging technology, areas that can be improved through collaboration with the swiftscale network include cyber security, analytics, procurement and supply chain management.

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“We’re pleased to kick off this exciting new collaboration with swiftscale to become the corporate partner for rail,” said David Gornall, commercial director at GTR.

“The opportunity to stimulate positive change in our extensive supply chain will be an essential driver for efficiencies in the future. Their global network of companies will act as a stimulant for positive change across our business.

“A continual push for innovation in procurement improves the operations of our business and as a result delivers a better experience for our customers.”

Alexander Sainty, co-founder and CEO of swiftscale, commented: “Rightly or wrongly, rail has previously had a reputation for being largely stuck in their ways.

“That’s why I’m particularly pleased to see GTR challenging the status quo. By proactively shaking up their supplier base and seeking out innovative startup solutions and services, GTR is a catalyst for positive change across their industry.”

GTR currently oversees four brands across London and south east England: Thameslink, Southern, Great Northern and Gatwick Express.

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