Guinness World Records migrates to Amazon Web Services

Guinness World Records (GWR), the authority on record-breaking achievements, has chosen Ensono to manage the migration of its business critical IT architecture to an Amazon Web Services platform from its current managed cloud services.

Transformation in the cloud

The project will help ensure that the company’s IT system can manage the ongoing transformation of its business from publishing to a digital media agency, which requires a more scalable and agile platform.

Traditionally known for publication of its eponymous book, Guinness World Records, GWR is now a digital-media brand agency with a wide range of products and services.

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The move to the public cloud is fundamental change in the foundations of the company. As is the case with many businesses, the existing IT infrastructure was not suited to the new, digital demands, which required a move to managed public cloud.

GWR’s digital media and online record-processing services now attract 50,000 applications a year. And a surge in record-breaking video uploads, combined with an increase in partnerships, were key drivers in the move to the cloud, according to the organisation.

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A managed public cloud provider

Rob Howe, IT Director, Guinness World Records, said: “We have worked with Ensono for the past 16 years, and their proven expertise in managed public cloud is exactly what we need going forward. The next phase of our journey is to become an innovative, cloud-first company, with accessible and engaging record-breaking achievements at the heart of what we do; and our IT system must cater for this. Ensono’s understanding of our business demonstrated what was possible with Amazon Web Services and prepares us for the next stage in our evolution.”AI-driven: the journey into the cloud for Aylesbury Vale District Council with AWS

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This will be GWR’s first move to a public cloud environment, with the migration of mission critical applications; including its capacity to store and manage 4K video downloads, 50,000 applications, 47,000 record enquiries from 178 countries and 6,000 records approved annually.

For the business’ continued growth, it is vital that its IT system remains flexible and adapts to the changing market. AWS was the best solution for this and catered to GWR’s demand for scalability, according to the digital media agency.

“The industry knowledge, AWS accreditations and courage to find new solutions to old problems from the Ensono team were crucial in why we chose to continue the partnership. They have taken on the evolution of our business and devised a solution that caters for us not just today, but prepares us for the future as well,” said Howe.

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