Henkel partners with CognitionX to progress in artificial intelligence

Henkel — the industrial and consumer goods giant, which owns brands including Persil, Loctite, and Schwarzkopf — has entered into a landmark partnership with CognitionX — a comprehensive library of curated AI news and network of experts.

Digital innovation platform Henkel X, part of German multinational Henkel, will use the AI news and advice platform to engage the Henkel X community with information, and a network of expertise and knowledge around the deployment of artificial intelligence.

2019 and beyond

As of 2019, Henkel X will syndicate curated AI news from CognitionX, which publishes handpicked updates across a range of industry sectors, to encourage its community and provide access to new solutions, opportunities for collaboration and the knowledge to embrace innovation.

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Henkel will also start to roll out the Enterprise Edition of CognitionX’s AI Advice Platform, to access a Wiki of AI products, capitalise on the company’s existing internal AI knowledge and leverage a network of external AI experts through a single platform.

This partnership has stemmed from Henkel’s desire to instigate entrepreneurial transformation.

Dr. Rahmyn Kress, Chief Digital Officer at Henkel, said: “Henkel is proud to have been a family business for 140 years. Our challenge, like many major enterprises, is to embrace change. We are focused on solutions to grow internal collaboration and make more use of own enterprise knowledge. These latest investments will help Henkel drive a new, entrepreneurial digital culture and ensure we are able to respond to accelerating technological change.”

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Charlie Muirhead, Founder and CEO of CognitionX, said: “It’s now mission critical for organisations to have an AI strategy and start transformation. Getting that right means leveraging and developing internal knowledge, as well as accessing external expertise where needed.”

“But many companies are stuck with the same age-old challenge: ‘if we only knew what we knew, we would be three times more productive’. We’re thrilled to be working with Rahmyn and the Henkel X team, who see the opportunity to catapult the company forward, by growing and capitalising on their internal AI expertise, as well as of those in our network.”

CognitionX recently announced a $4.1 million funding round led by Unilever Ventures, Gary Gauba, Founder of Cognilytics and Founder of The CXO Fund, and Manoj Saxena, Chairman of CognitiveScale and former IBM Watson General Manager

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