Technology advancement are changing the logistics and transportation industry

Here’s a look at some of the key developments and how they have impacted on the logistics and transport industry worldwide:

The growth of e-commerce

By far the biggest impact was the growth of e-commerce. Advancements in the size and popularity of the e-commerce industry means that the pressures and importance of the supply chain working correctly for companies is more crucial than ever to determine their success. With transport and logistics being at the heart of this, developing new technology to improve processes is even more important with the way deliveries are picked, packed, tracked and shipped all being made much quicker by using digital technology to speed up the process.


One of the biggest technological advancements has changed the face of the logistics industry is automatic systems. Automating the picking and packing process within a warehouse helps huge companies to get parcels out to customers much faster than before and helps to reduce costs significantly when it comes to having to pay more members of staff.

Tracking goods

Technology has helped to improve the way in which couriers can track deliveries with scanning a barcode meaning we can instantly locate parcels, which delivery truck they are on and inform customers of when they should arrive at their destination. With InXpress, you can select the perfect courier for you and then choose which type of tracking service you’d like to use to monitor your parcels journey, ensuring that it won’t get lost along the way.


One of the main things that technology has done for the transport and logistics industry is to allow customers to have more control over their deliveries. With new apps being developed by companies meaning customers can now see exactly where their parcel is on it journey to them throughout the process of delivery, it allows much less opportunity for parcels to go missing and gives a more direct focus on efficiency being at the core of the service a company deliveries.

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