Huawei and Cambridge Wireless to build private 5G testbed

The three-year partnership between Huawei and international technology community Cambridge Wireless will allow researchers, developers and companies in the city to undertake new research and application in key areas such as autonomous vehicles, clean energy and remote surgery.

Set to go live at Cambridge Science Park in January, the planned 5G testbed spells an aim to explore the possible impact of advanced wireless technology on society and the economy.

In addition to the network’s pending deployment, the collaboration between Huawei and Cambridge Wireless will also involve digital training, business support and joint events.

Further partnerships with TusPark UK and Freshwave have been developed to accelerate digitisation on the premises, and aid businesses in boosting innovation and gain competitive advantage using 5G.

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“We are constantly working to provide value to CW members,” said Simon Mead, CEO of Cambridge Wireless. “As home to one of the world’s most advanced R&D ecosystems, Cambridge is perfectly positioned for the rollout of next-generation wireless technology and we’re delighted to be driving this initiative with our partners.

“We hope to bring something unique to the Science Park to accelerate use cases and development of this technology. We invite ambitious businesses to get involved, and through this exciting 3-year partnership with Huawei, we will support their 5G innovation journey.”

Victor Zhang, vice-president at Huawei, commented: “Huawei’s success is built on a relentless drive for innovation and we are able to keep pushing the boundaries of technology when we partner with those who share this ambition.

“The Cambridge eco-system is recognised as a global leader in technology, and we are excited to work with the talent and vision in this eco-system. We hope to enable Cambridge Wireless members to reach new heights by allowing them access to our state-of-the-art equipment and markets, including China and beyond.

“Our commitment to the UK and industry remains as strong as ever and we will continue to offer our expertise and technology to our partners to promote connections and innovation.”

The Cambridge Science Park is owned by the University of Cambridge, and is currently home to more than 120 tech companies and scale-ups.

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