The importance of digital trends in the workplace

The expansion of employee’s digital skill sets in keeping up with the latest digital trends is vital to the success of companies, helping them to remain competitive and stay on top of competition.

So, what are some digital trends that businesses could incorporate into their workplace for improvement? How tech-savvy is your company?

1. Cloud-based services are becoming more and more prevalent in the workplace, replacing traditional Office programs with either Microsoft’s cloud alternatives (Office 365), Google docs or other cloud-based programs.

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Cloud services offer more functionality in terms of collaboration and is able to remain up to date with the security requirements of a business. This is greatly beneficial as companies gather and store huge amounts of data that can be immensely valuable, needing the appropriate level of protection.

According to a poll by Nemertes Research, 45% of people viewed cloud computing as more secure than on-premises systems. About 40% currently use cloud systems, as they are typically more cost-effective and flexible.

Although this system does not require a huge level of technical expertise, it will become a prerequisite for new starters as more and more organisations start to adopt a multi-cloud strategy.

2. Worker engagement platforms: This digital trend is about creating a positive experience throughout the entire employee lifecycle. According to Ron Hansome and Helen Potitvin, analysts at Gartner, stated that the benefits of work engagement platforms are numerous, especially in environments that require high levels of creativity and collaboration across teams.

Work engagement platforms would include supporting regular feedback, training, coaching, encouragement, learning, participation in a team or social activities, and social recognition. This is an important trend as technology is fast-paced and employees need constant training to keep up.

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To help this, it doesn’t need to be internal training or coaching but external. External help can be useful, especially if the skill lacks in the business. For example, The Gap Partnership provide negotiation help like negotiation courses and consulting for businesses.

3. Email automation is proliferating through the digital marketing industry as it can greatly improve business performance. Firstly, the speed in which a mass
email blast can be sent to thousands of customers is invaluable with tough deadlines and the ability to schedule when emails are sent means you can maximise the visibility on each email campaign.

Email automation also allows businesses to reach out to each unique customer, rather than having to manually segment customers based on their needs and preferences. This allows for emails to be sent based upon specific events. Therefore, helping businesses to create a consistent brand presence over multiple channels.

4. Human augmentation: According to Jackie Fenn, an analyst at Gartner, human augmentation “creates cognitive and physical improvements as an integral part of the human body to deliver performance that exceeds normal human limits.” This digital trend may not be far from reality in the workplace, as it is already taking place with the use of prostheses and implants for people with disabilities or impairments.

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It could significantly contribute to the evolution of work by influencing an individual’s ability to perform tasks or enable them to work in more extreme conditions. Thus, creating a super workforce. Although, Fenn warns that there are ethical challenges with this concept, stating “several states have already passed bills banning employers from requiring chip implants as a condition of employment.”

Digital trends are very important in a workplace, especially as technology is undoubtedly changing how business is performed. As a result, firms must future- proof themselves with a workplace that consists of a broad range of digital skills and knowledge that helps keep up to date with trends in an increasingly connected world.


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