Digital Skills


£200m digital skills training scheme launched by UK government

Government funding is to be aimed at digital skills training across high-growth UK sectors including green energy and construction

Business Skills

Cisco pledges to train 10 million people in digital skills, in 10 years

In its goal to empower 25 million people with digital skills, Cisco is aiming to train 10 million people across EMEA in a decade, through its Networking Academy


Digital skills gap costing UK economy £12.8bn


Virgin Media O2 donates £2m towards tackling digital divide

Business Skills

The importance of digital skills bootcamps to UK tech industry success

Business & Strategy

Utilising digital skills to tackle climate change

AI & Machine Learning

The most important skills for successful AI deployments

Government & Public Sector

Digital overhaul of UK government recommended for ‘greener’ future

Development & Programming

2021 AVEVA Academic Program Competition announced

Releases & Updates

What the Prime Minister’s ‘Lifetime Skills Guarantee’ means for UK tech

Development & Programming

National Coding Week 2020: Closing the skills gap

Business & Strategy

Accelerating digital skills training during the Covid-19 crisis