Information chaos threatening to derail business, according to AIIM

Businesses are facing their greatest ever challenge and a descent into ‘information chaos’, according to a new AIIM ebook launching today, as they seek to manage and make sense of ever-growing volumes of content and information.

With IDC analysts predicting that we'll produce a colossal 40 zettabytes (40 trillion GB) of information by 2020, AIIM believes managing and deploying that content is one of the most pressing issues for business leaders in 2014 and that a failure to do so will have a major impact on many organisations’ ability to thrive and survive in the future.

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The ebook Information Chaos V Information Opportunity by independent information management analysts AIIM, looks at three key disruptors that have contributed to the chaos:

  • How cloud and mobile have created an expectation of anywhere, anytime access to information in work and play
  • How consumerisation has transformed what users expect from applications and how enterprises deliver them
  • How the changing nature of work is forcing organisations to think fast and flat, not hierarchical and slow

'The reality is that many organisations feel as if they are simply drowning in content and how they address this issue is one of the greatest challenges they will face,' said John Mancini, AIIM President.

'They are constantly told what an opportunity all this information is for them, yet are struggling to manage and structure it all effectively and efficiently, let alone deploy it to gain competitive advantage.'

The ebook goes on to address how organisations can gain information opportunity from the information chaos, themes that AIIM discussed at its recent AIIM 2014 conference.

John Mancini was joined by thinkers including author Guy Kawasaki, journalist and commentator Dion Hinchcliffe and futurist Thornton May, as well as more than 800 delegates, all of whom were debating the issue of information opportunity versus information chaos.

In his AIIM 20114 keynote, Guy Kawasaki echoed the themes of information chaos, saying: 'When you use technology to enchant people, you are providing value – information, insights, and assistance.'

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While Kawasaki stressed that the bits and bytes are less important than the story you tell, there was an underlying thread that, as you look to enchant others, technology will be a critical enabler.

Despite the looming threat of information chaos, AIIM President John Mancini believes there is hope for businesses that are struggling to cope, saying in his closing keynote:

'There is light at the end of the information tunnel and there are tools and strategies that can help you address information chaos. To do so, you must first understand the challenge before you can come to grips with it. We hope this ebook provides a structure for understanding the business challenge of the decade and outlines a few steps to move you in the right direction.'

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