Keeping the workforce productive with a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)

It’s vital that the entire workforce is able to remain on the same page, whether they are using a Mac or Windows operating system. Not only does this maintain collaboration, as it allows colleagues to help each other with issues or queries more efficiently, but it also eases the onboarding process when new employees are hired. A virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) can be ideal for this.

Parallels RAS is a VDI solution that is compatible with not only Mac and Windows, but also with Linux, iOS, Android and Chromebook. An all-in-one hub, Parallels RAS allows for access to multiple desktop applications from anywhere, at any one time. Users can switch between tasks and applications without compromising on response times.

The solution enables Windows applications such as Outlook, Word and PowerPoint, and can also accommodate custom line-of-business tools.

Bringing the office to the employee

A major challenge that employees have faced when shifting to remote working is gaining access to the same applications and tools that they are used to having in the office.

However, users of Parallels RAS can maintain familiarity from desktop to mobile or vice-versa using the solution’s intuitive user experience (UX) software Parallels Client, which adapts to the preferred method of navigation, such as scrolling and zooming in.

Another aspect available on the web version that can make employees to effectively adapt is the ability for organisations to customise the user interface with its branding and colour schemes that are seen in the office.

What’s more, users have access to remote printing from their local printers without needing to install extra configurations.

IT agility

As well as Windows and custom in-house applications, Parallels RAS supports multi-cloud deployments including public clouds, such as AWS and Microsoft Azure, in order to increase agility further while continuing to minimise costs.

Automation of common, complex and repetitive tasks is one of the benefits of VDI, made possible by Parallels RAS Powershell SDK and REST API. Users can easily scale IT infrastructures up or down according to demand with auto-provisioning. This increases compatibility with cloud deployments and frees up time for IT administrators to spend on less common duties that require a present human touch.

Parallels RAS presents itself from a single point that IT administrators can easily look through to monitor the back end.

Secure usage

Any device can become prone to vulnerabilities when used over time, and cyber attacks have risen as more employees have started worked from home. But being present on a centralised all-in-one hub keeps applications and data secure, whether this be via on-premise, hybrid or public cloud.

With Parallels RAS, IT administrators have greater control over access to data. Access policies can be enforced depending on the specific user or device; Parallels RAS allows for use of multi-factor authentication; and the Parallels RAS console integrates third-party security solutions such as Google Authenticator, DualShield and SafeNet.

In addition, the solution has a monitoring and reporting service that allows for traffic and resource usage visibility, and administrators can create their own reports to improve day-to-day management activities.

Choose a reliable VDI to keep the workforce productive

A VDI solution such as Parallels RAS can ensure that IT administrators can easily maintain security and efficiency, and that employees and managers can maintain the same productivity as they did in the office.

Parallels is an enterprise software company that offers cross-platform virtualisation and automation capabilities on desktop, laptop and mobile devices.