Kryon reveals AI Booster with Microsoft Azure’s Cognitive Services offering

It’s about end to end and intuition. The latest big announcement in RPA comes from Kryon, which has revealed AI Booster — a set of new artificial intelligence services based on Microsoft Azure’s Cognitive Services. The idea, says the company, is “to create a unified RPA and AI experience that delivers smarter end-to-end deployment and management through a single, intuitive platform.”

Kryon’s AI Booster “will allow business users to deploy and manage AI technology by simply dragging and dropping these elements right into personal process workflows without having to develop complicated AI applications.

Sarah Burnett, executive vice president & distinguished analyst at Everest Group, spoke to Information Age about the Kryon announcement.

“RPA vendors,” she said, “have been adding AI capabilities to their RPA software. Kryon is doing the same through Microsoft Cognitive Services.

If you want to see the benefits of AI, forget moonshots and think boring

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“This means more types of processes can be automated using these solutions. The thing to check is changes to the licensing model as a result of this development.

“Kryon added process mining capabilities to its portfolio a while ago. Together, these developments are helping Kryon create more of a complete intelligent automation platform than individual software packages.”

Harel Tayeb, CEO of Kryon said: “This launch takes us to the next level of consciously feeding information and understanding an enterprise’s data movements, generating more intelligent analysis and superior outcomes.”

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If you want to see the benefits of AI, forget moonshots and think boring

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