Microsoft launches cloud-based PC management tool

Microsoft has officially launched InTune, a web-based tool for managing desktop PCs, in a number of countries including the UK.

The tool allows organisations to manage software updates and security patches, monitor and audit hardware and provide remote desktop support all from the same console. It is hosted by Microsoft, and paid for on a subscription basis.

The software giant says that using InTune could save organisations money by removing the need to acquire, provision and maintain their own servers to host internal systems management tools.

One of the companies that has been using InTune under the beta programme is London-headquartered architecture firm RHWL Architects. According to a case study by Microsoft, the firm achieved a 10% reduction in support calls and 40% “efficiency gains” as a result of having the various functions of InTune accessible through a single console.

“We have a small IT shop, so we’re all IT generalists,” the case study quotes IT director Dave Allerton as saying. “The Windows Intune interface gives us a quick summary of all our issues and speeds up the whole process.”

InTune is the latest in a number of cloud-based services from Microsoft, and the benefits for customers certainly make some sense. However, it is arguably Microsoft’s ability to persuade its channel partners of the merits of those cloud-based services that will dictate their success.

Despite the fact that it helps organisations to manage PCs on their own and without infrastructure investment, Microsoft insists that InTune presents an opportunity for its resellers too, by helping them reach more customers.

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