Enterprises want multi-cloud agility but fear vendor lock-in, says study

Integration and orchestration are the biggest barriers for enterprises looking to adopt hybrid combinations of traditional and multi-cloud IT, according to a new survey from Fujitsu.

According to the survey, there is a growing demand for flexibility, proven orchestration skills and consolidated management for hybrid IT and multi-cloud estates among enterprises. Spurred by digital transformation goals, hybrid IT estates have become the standard, with the most successful customers opting for a ‘right workload for the right cloud platform’ approach.

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But this has come with complexities such as the risk of vendor lock-in. According to Fujitsu, 48% of respondents said integration and orchestration is their most significant barrier to adopting cloud solutions.

Sourcing flexibility – which helps avoid vendor lock-in by broadening supply chains – has become an essential consideration for hybrid IT adoption, rated as “business critical” or of “high importance” by some 80% of those surveyed. In a market where more than half of all enterprises with hybrid IT are already mostly cloud-based, sourcing versatility is also crucial, as cited by 86%.

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“Now that cloud has become mainstream, it’s no longer a land grab and organisations have become a lot more selective when it comes to deploying cloud services. On the one hand, they are alert to a new risk of vendor lock-in and have come up with viable strategies to off-set this. On the other hand, they are convinced that cloud really does give them the ability to respond to the pressures of disruption and see partnering with leading global systems integrators like Fujitsu as the best way to speed up and de-risk cloud adoption and management.

For the survey, Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) corresponded with 400 IT decision-makers in eight countries, on behalf of Fujitsu

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