Cloud & Edge Computing

Advantages of a multi-cloud strategy

Multi-cloud, using more than one hosting provider simultaneously, keeps you nimble when it comes to usage pricing and helps avoid being too indebted to a single vendor

Cloud & Edge Computing

Best cloud management platforms for your business

Cloud management is paramount to most businesses — here are the platforms that are driving the most value on the market

Cloud & Edge Computing

Two-thirds of UKI firms struggling with data insight costs

Research from SAS has revealed widespread struggles faced by businesses in the UK and Ireland to drive value from data insights

Cloud & Edge Computing

Why multi-cloud key management is the future of enterprise security

To keep the entire enterprise secure against evolving cyber attacks, multi-cloud key management is essential

Cloud & Edge Computing

Maximising control of multi-cloud data protection

Automation & Robotics

Automation is key to multi-cloud infrastructure monitoring

Data Storage & Data Lakes

IT Press Tour Silicon Valley 2022: Company Round-up

Cloud & Edge Computing

Why businesses should embrace multi-cloud

Neil Templeton, vice-president, digital innovation marketing at Console Connect, discusses why businesses should embrace multi-cloud.

Cloud & Edge Computing

Spectra Logic introduces new multi-cloud data management solution

Cloud & Edge Computing

Cloudreach CEO Q&A: ‘The cloud industry is at an inflection point’

The cloud industry is at an inflection point as the second generation of cloud adoption accelerates driven by value, according to the CEO of Cloudreach.

Cloud & Edge Computing

10 practices to manage your multi-cloud environment

Nitin Mishra, SVP and chief product officer at NTT Ltd - Netmagic provides 10 practices to manage your multi-cloud environment.

Business & Strategy

How to avoid cloud vendor lock-in and take advantage of multi-cloud