OVHcloud and MongoDB partner to enable cloud governance and innovation

The partnership between cloud provider OVHcloud and database platform MongoDB will look to allow industries to build cloud applications while upholding security and sovereignty standards.

This development will open the opportunity for OVHcloud customers, including those in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, finance and governments, can drive app innovation in the cloud whilst keeping sole control over their data.

By bringing together MongoDB’s developer-focused database platform with OVHcloud’s infrastructures, users can align themselves with digital sovereignty initiatives, such as GAIA-X, DSA and DMA.

The security foundations brought by MongoDB-as-a-Service on OVHcloud will include MongoDB’s end-to-end security architecture, which will help organisations balance their need for innovation with data sovereignty and compliance.

This architecture includes features such as client-side field-level encryption, strict access rights, auditing and data placement policies, and ensures that customers can meet current data regulations, including GDPR.

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“Every organisation is being defined by software and data. Speed of innovation is critical to meet the demands of citizens, consumers, and customers,” said Jerome Deloziere, area vice-president, Southern Europe at MongoDB.

“Soon, these organisations will have access to a fully managed MongoDB service on OVHcloud and can securely build, deploy and run powerful applications on the most advanced cloud data platform in the market.

“We’re excited to partner with OVHcloud to enable customers in highly regulated European sectors such as government, finance and defence to transform their businesses with MongoDB.”

Sylvain Rouri, chief sales officer at OVHcloud, commented: “As organisations are migrating more business-critical applications to the cloud, they are more than ever cautious about protecting the data that fuels these applications.

“Our partnership with MongoDB brings a unique value proposition: it enables customers to secure their assets in compliance with European regulations thanks to OVHcloud’s trusted cloud, while accelerating their innovation pace by leveraging the leading database platform to harness their data.

“We are thrilled to partner with MongoDB to enrich our PaaS catalogue on Public Cloud and best serve our clients’ needs.”

A rise in cloud production

The IDC predicts that one in four large European organisations want to become a software producer by 2023, not just a software consumer, which would mean a need for focus on building and innovating at speed in the cloud, while also staying compliant.

Archana Venkatraman, associate research director, cloud data management at IDC Europe, said: “The cloud is moving beyond a destination for European organisations. It’s becoming an experience and a new business model.

“Embracing the cloud, staying agile and driving more digital services is the key to getting ahead for these businesses. Yet they are challenged to balance innovation in the cloud while navigating through a complex regulatory environment.

“Businesses here are looking for compressed innovation and fully-managed services that can help them focus on building software and apps, not on managing core infrastructure.

“Deeper collaboration and integration between cloud-native databases for cloud-native applications and European cloud providers has the potential to make it much easier for organisations to drive value through the very best of modern cloud applications, while ensuring alignment with data federation and sovereignty initiatives such as GAIA-X.”

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