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Best cloud management platforms for your business

Cloud management is paramount to most businesses — here are the platforms that are driving the most value on the market


Talend and Snowflake support patient data management for mental health charity

UK charity Mental Health Concern has been working with Talend and Snowflake to leverage data-driven insights and improved agility for better patient data management.

Business Continuity

Shifting emphasis towards cloud-first data protection

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Dynatrace launches Grail data lakehouse

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Cloudera launches all-in-one data lakehouse service

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How securing cloud data saved one business £18,000

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How to choose a cloud data management architecture

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Spectra Logic introduces new multi-cloud data management solution

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Finding the right database to power your post-COVID recovery

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Storing up success for hybrid cloud applications

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OVHcloud and MongoDB partner to enable cloud governance and innovation


A clear trend towards cloud data warehouses