Paragon Customer Communications (PCC) selects Beyond Encryption for email security

Enterprise communications provider PCC, part of Paragon Group, will look to enable leveraging of encrypted email security across its customer base, by incorporating Mailock from Beyond Encryption into its OnePlatform Customer Communications Management (CCM) digital solution.

Mailock will aim to enhance Paragon’s digital customer offering, supporting the accelerated move to digital communication caused by Covid, and the increased number of employees working remotely.

PCC’s list of enterprise clients spans a diverse range of sectors, with financial services at its core, and is responsible for around 2.4 billion communications each year on behalf of its customers.

PCC operates across three key service lines: customer engagement & marketing; transaction & BPO services, and digital customer experience.

According to Paragon, the amount of communications the company oversees means that, on average, it touches every UK household 1.4 times per week.

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Following the deal with PCC, Beyond Encryption founder and chief executive, Paul Holland, claimed that the wide-scale adoption of secure email security delivery could save industries such as financial services millions of pounds annually, and reduce carbon emissions by up to 90%.

Holland said: “This agreement with Paragon reinforces the work we continue to do with global brands that are recognising the increasing threat of cyber crime to their customers, employees and businesses.

“Email interception and fraud has increased exponentially throughout Covid, and we see Mailock as an integral part of companies and consumers’ armoury against the growing threat of their communications being intercepted, with all the associated risks to reputations, financials, and identity theft.”

Dave Reynolds, COO, transactional & service divisions at Paragon Customer Communications, commented: “Our clients rely upon us to offer the broadest, scalable and resilient of communications systems, so introducing Beyond Encryption’s market leading technology in response to the increased digital demands is a natural evolution.”

Reducing environmental impact

As well as helping the Paragon subsidiary to keep email secure, using encryption capabilities from Mailock, Beyond Encryption plans to add on an ‘eco-calculator’, to allow users and prospective customers to see the carbon benefit.

Commenting on the new add-on, Holland said: “If we use a client like Paragon as an example by only making an modest estimate of savings it can be considerable.

“If assume the average paper-based communication uses 100 grams of carbon then only a small switch to secure email communication could be a huge saving.

“One simple analysis we did suggest it would be the equivalent of taking 50,000 cars a year off the road annually from a city like Bristol. That’s working just on a small percentage shift.

“If there is a wider move, then the numbers of cost-savings and reduced carbon emissions can run into millions.”

A minority stake in Beyond Encryption was recently acquired by IT distributor Westcoast Limited.

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