Buyers and sellers: the property game goes digital

The whole point of a digital transformation is to improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Speed in delivering services is a crucial factor behind ‘going digital’, and the incorporation of technology into the daily routines or products generally has this effect.

Zoopla, the property search engine, and Trussle, an online mortgage broker have teamed up to seize the opportunity technology offers to businesses by creating a digital end-to-end service.

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Using data analytics and algorithms the new end-to-end digital service allows, according to Trussle, homebuyers to search for a property, find out in less than 60 seconds if they qualify to borrow the amount they need for their property of choice, receive a Mortgage in Principle in under 5 minutes, and go on to secure that mortgage within 24hrs – radically simplifying an otherwise painful, expensive and drawn-out process.

Property tech is nothing new and in 2014 $1.4 billion was invested into real estate startups, according to figures collected by Crunchbase, a startup tracker company.

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The need to continually innovate every industry is vital to business survival, and investing in technology like real-time analytics – which is deployed in this new property service – can help advance the property industry into a new era.

A new era that is focused on disrupting the way property companies approach customers, and each other to create a faster, more straightforward buying and selling experience on a single platform.

Ishaan Malhi, founder and CEO, Trussle, commenting on the launch of the new service, said: “Innovation in the PropTech sector is accelerating fast. Whether booking a holiday or buying a car, people are increasingly expecting to use a single platform to make the experience as streamlined as possible.”

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