Protecting the edge of IoT as adoption rates grow

Protecting the edge of IoT is increasingly important as IoT adoption grows. During this evolution, the emerging trend is to put more intelligence on the edge through smarter, more capable devices, which extend and expand the traditional enterprise IT infrastructure beyond a data centre or cloud environment. The addition of elements like trucks, containers, kiosks, warehouses and more creates an ecosystem of edge devices that not only collect and disseminate data, but also now perform highly complex tasks like AI at the outer reaches of the network.

You can see the problem: with the rapid increase of more edge devices, the risk of a data breach only multiplies for enterprises. Last year, for example, there were 1,244 data breaches, exposing 446.5 million records. This not only leads to significant business obstacles, but breaches also come at a high price — Ponemon Institute estimates the average cost of a data breach to exceed $3.5 million.

This broader array of environments, coupled with the prevalence of data breaches, make it critical for enterprises to secure their computing infrastructure.

“With the growth of IoT and the rising cost of data breaches, enterprises need a secure computing infrastructure more than ever,” confirms Damon Kachur, vice president, IoT Solutions, Sectigo.

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Protecting the edge of IoT

To meet this demand, Sectigo — the commercial Certificate Authority (CA) — have entered into a secure edge computing technology pact with NetObjex — an intelligent automation platform for tracking, tracing and monitoring digital assets using AI, blockchain, and IoT. The collaboration hopes to provide enterprises and manufacturers with a secured, trusted computing infrastructure that extends from IoT edge devices to the cloud and blockchain.

“By collaborating with Sectigo, we can extend our comprehensive platform and offer enhanced security to our enterprise customers,” said Raghu Bala, CEO, NetObjex. “The growth of edge devices has increased the risk of devastating data breaches. Offering Sectigo’s embedded device hardening technologies and purpose-built third-party certificate issuance and management allows enterprises to protect their important data.”

The combined solution includes the following security features:

• Enterprise-grade PKI solution for strong authentication.
• Secure boot for NetObjex’s edge devices.
• Secure firmware updates utilising signing firmware.
• Secure communication using mutual authentication.

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