Proxeus’ ‘WordPress of blockchain’ available on Ethereum

The Proxeus blockchain platform, which was recently used for prototyping an anti doping solution by the International Testing Agency ahead of the 2020 Olympics, is now available on Ethereum.

The platform, which is designed to enable non-technical users to create and publish document-centered blockchain applications for the first time, has been called the ‘WordPress of blockchain,’ says Proxeus.

The platform was already available on the distributed ledger or DLT platforms Hyperledger and IOTA.

Blockchain: single source of truth and digital twins

Blockchain could become the single source of truth, it could create digital twins, but there is one thing you must never forget.

The anti doping solution involved Proxeus being used to prototype the digitisation of therapeutic use exemptions documents for the International Testing Agency (ITA), so that uploaded documents can’t be forged, ahead of the Summer 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

The Proxeus technology is free and uses Proxeus’ native XES token. Proxeus comes with all components and documentation required to configure and launch the platform as well as to deploy a smart contract to the Ethereum mainnet. The technology can easily leverage other DLT platforms – Hyperledger and IOTA have for example been successfully integrated in past projects.

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