RIP Act set to create turmoil at UK organisations


Dai Davis, Nabarro Nathanson


The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) will create conflict between employees and the companies they work for, warns Dai Davis, a technology lawyer at law firm Nabarro Nathanson.

According to Davis, UK businesses are still ignorant of the potential impact of RIPA, almost two years after it received Royal Assent. The Act requires employees not to tell their employers if they are asked by a governmental investigatory authority to hand over private keys that unlock encrypted customer and employee data.

"Organisations must make plans and notify staff what to do if they are approached under RIPA," says Davis. At the moment, this simply isn't happening. According to a Nabarro Nathanson survey, just 14% of UK companies are aware of the Act, and of these, only half have taken measures to cope with the consequences of having to comply with an approach by investigatory authorities.

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