The rise of live technology and its impact on UK businesses

Of course, the sheer force of nature means that this day is a long way off, but the fact that is even prompting discussion shows how quickly and how far technology has evolved in the last decade. With the pace of advancement becoming increasingly relentless we can expect further changes in the coming months.

One of the most striking developments of the last year has been the emergence of real-time technology, which has been adopted and utilised by multiple market sectors. It has subsequently benefited the business world in a number of ways.

Create Authentic and Immersive Online Interactions

Real-time technology has laid the foundation for live, online interaction, which in turn has underpinned exponential growth across various markets. Take a look at the virtual gaming market, for example, where players have been able to access to a genre of titles including everything from live dealer online casinos to real-time and global sports tournaments. This creates a conduit for increasingly authentic and immersive interactions online, while also diversifying the type of games available.

Revolutionise the Traditional Meeting

While business meetings were once corporeal events hosted in boardrooms up and down the country, this is no longer necessary in the digital age. This is thanks primarily to the proliferation of real-time communication tools, which enable meeting participants from across the globe to connect through video conferencing mediums and mobile apps. From Skype to real-time messaging forums such as Viber, the concept of the virtual meeting is now more accessible than ever before.

Implement Real-time and Locally Targeted Promotions

While some believe that the digital age will ultimately kill off the traditional high street store, it has actually enabled physical retail outlets to drive higher levels of profitability. Through the use of GPS technology and NFC (Near Field Communication) principles, stores can now effectively target local residents and customers through real-time promotions. These limited time offers are communication through email and SMS messaging, in the hope that will optimise consumer interest and turnover within a designated period of time.

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