Secret Double Octopus reveals latest attempt to eliminate passwords

It is not revealing a great secret to say that passwords are problematic. They are supposed to be secret of course, the trouble is, for a lot of mere mortals, they are double secret — that is to say they are secret from the users, themselves, too. Sometimes it feels as if the only people who know some of our passwords are cybercriminals, we have so many to remember/write down. Does Secret Double Octopus have the answer?

“Traditional multi-factor solutions have limited application integration,” claims Secret Double Octopus. Not many would disagree with that statement.

Is it time for businesses to nudge us towards the death of passwords?

Passwords are no longer fit for purpose. There is a better way and it is time for businesses and indeed all publishers of websites to push us towards a more sensible system of identification, leading us towards the death of passwords

It says “because they layer on top of passwords, instead of replacing them, they don’t provide the necessary security, add complexity for users, and increase costs.”

It claims that its solution “swaps machine-generated, long, complex, and dynamic cryptographic keys for passwords and protects them with improved phone-based authentication, providing a single, simple ‘touch and go’ experience.”

Now it has announced expansion into the European market with presence in the UK, France, and Italy. Customers and service providers across Europe will have direct access to local sales and technical support.

Will biometrics replace passwords, or complement them?

Passwords are not on their way out altogether but biometrics, multi factor identification, layered security, biometric password vaults and a host of other options mean that authentication rather than just passwords are the future.

Jason Gottschalk, Partner and Cyber Security Consultant at BDO UK, LLP. said “BDO is continually looking for new solutions to the tough, fundamental security challenges facing its clients. Secret Double Octopus’ passwordless security approach is a game changer, and we are excited to put it at the service of BDO clients.”

Raz Rafaeli, CEO of Secret Double Octopus. “Most organisations today understand the need for viable alternatives to passwords, [our solution] breaks the traditional security paradigm, providing better security and better user experience at a lower cost.”

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