Security in the cloud

Cloud computing presents a compelling case in the current economic climate, offering cost savings and radically improved flexibility, mobility and collaboration over existing models of IT.
But the advantages of cloud computing will only be attainable if new approaches to corporate security are developed that engender trust in the delivery of application services and data from the cloud.
The Jericho Forum, a high level independent group of security experts, best known for proposing the 'de-perimeterisation of IT security, has turned its attention to the securing of cloud services
In this video Adrian Seccombe, one of the founders of the Jericho Forum and chief information security officer at pharmaceuticals giant Eli Lilly, outlines the key challenges of cloud security.
For explore the subject in further depth, The Jericho Forum has published a ‘cloud cube’ model that explains the essential issues organisations need to consider when moving applications and data into the cloud, available here.


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