Software AG unveils new, ARIS-based, Enterprise Digital Twin framework

Software AG has unveiled their new Enterprise Digital Twin framework, built on its ARIS platform, earlier today.

Software AG have today announced the availability of a new Enterprise Digital Twin framework.

The framework is built on the company’s ARIS platform and promises to enable enterprises to gain significant end-to-end visibility and visualisation of their operations. Additionally, enterprises will be able to create a digital model that mirrors the characteristics, interdependencies and interrelationships of their processes, systems and assets.

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Dr Wolfram Jost, Chief Technology Officer, Software AG, said: “This combination of virtual and physical worlds enables enterprises to more efficiently manage the critical interdependencies and interrelationships between people, processes and systems, which is fundamental to coping with the complex challenges associated with digital transformation.”

“Software AG’s Enterprise Digital Twin Framework can create a virtual copy of all aspects of an enterprise, which gets richer with every operation and leads to continuous business improvements.”

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“This leads to better handling of threats before they negatively impact the business as well as the prevention of possible downtime, the creation of new opportunities, the provision of important insights on system performance, and the simulation of future possibilities.”

According to Gartner, 48% of enterprise players which are already employing IoT are using or plan to use Digital Twin technologies by the end of 2018.

Another Gartner report further noted: “Any digital business initiative, whether transformational or a smaller change, requires the translation of desired business outcomes and customer experience measurements into operational indicators that can be used to monitor progress toward goals, even after program or project completion.”

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According to a report issued by Deloitte, which also noted the quick adoption of this sort of technology, “digital twins are accelerating product and process development, optimising performance, and enabling predictive maintenance. The results that companies are targeting: increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and building better products. Organisations seeking to boost innovation and business performance should explore the transformative insights that digital twins can deliver.”

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