Vodafone launches managed cyber security services for UK businesses

Vodafone are aiming for their new service to alleviate pressure on in-house cyber security teams and allowing them to select their own level of managed security.

Increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks precipitated by the expansion of smart metres and wearables and in the ever-rising value of data, has led to the number of firms reporting cyber incidents having risen from 45% in 2018 to 61% last year.

Simultaneously, the cyber security skills gap is also growing with around 710,000 businesses in the UK reporting that they are missing key skills such as threat intelligence and forensic analysis.

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Cyber security is more important to businesses than ever, with some companies reporting a year on year increase in spending of 5%.

This will also enable companies own teams to begin developing their more proactive cyber security measures.

Vodafone Cyber Enhanced offers:

  • Protective Monitoring – continual remote surveillance, analysis, alerting and reporting that enables threat detection and prevention across the customer’s full digital estate.
  • Managed Firewall – remote managing, monitoring and supporting new and existing firewalls.
  • Managed Security Services – managed security services ensures that each business gets the right type of support.

Anne Sheehan, director, Vodafone Business UK, said: “Cyber security is vital for all businesses, regardless of what industry they are in.  However, it’s especially important for those businesses that provide a service on which we all depend.

“Being a critical national infrastructure business ourselves, we understand the challenges our customers face; and can use our expertise in cyber security protection to assist them in both preparing for, detecting and managing potential cyber threats.”

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