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UK companies are frustrated with poor network connectivity, despite government promises of serious investment in internet infrastructure.

This was highlighted when 75,000 businesses signed a letter of complaint to Parliament on the topic last year.

Exponential-e has sought to address this issue by rolling out an affordable solution that is over 400 times faster than the Government’s minimum definition of superfast broadband (24Mbps).

The 10 GigE solution has been designed with the view that businesses truly want to harness the full power of business tools, from software-as-a-service (SaaS) to cloud services and internet-based applications. To do this they should be looking past the many 1 Gigabit per second offerings currently available.

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With a 10 GigE connection businesses can quickly and easily increase or decrease their bandwidth capacity when they need it.

Furthermore, they can split the networks’ circuit, using secure virtual LANs (VLANs) to deliver other services and applications, with any combination of bandwidth. An example of this could be dedicating an entire Gigabit to a 4K video conferencing system.

“The fact that many companies in the UK still struggle for a decent network connection is scandalous. High-capacity bandwidth is critical in delivering vital, internet-connected services that play an important role in carrying out everyday business,” said Lee Wade, CEO at Exponential-e.

“Data consumption by UK businesses continues to grow year-on-year and IP traffic is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 22%, every year to 2020. This 10 GigE offering is a powerful, smart and agile solution that has the capacity to enable thousands of companies to adopt and run a full suite of modern solutions, as and when they need them. Furthermore, it is a guaranteed way of future-proofing their business for the foreseeable future as more technology advancements come to the fore.”

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Aside from powerful connectivity, the new 10 GigE service will offer, according to Exponential-e, the ability to run multiple services down one 10 GigE pipe, such as converging data, voice, video and applications traffic on a single connection.

The service will have built-in standard DDoS protection and flexible bandwidth management (A3), which will allow IT managers to view, manage and control internet traffic and employees’ web-browsing activities via a web portal.

The super, super fast service will allow for variable bandwidth. This is the ability to switch bandwidth up or down daily to cope with projected peaks and troughs in demand.

The power of the UK’s internet infrastructure is an important issue that needs to be addressed. To allay these fears, Chancellor Philip Hammond announced a cash injection for tech, science, and UK businesses in his first Autumn Statement.

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Perhaps the most significant plan is a £1 billion investment in high-speed fibre broadband networks and 5G technologies. By prioritising the country’s digital infrastructure Hammond has provided a welcome boost to UK businesses.

However, there are detractors who suggest this investment will not be enough and the government will not fulfil its promise.

Services like that offered by Exponential-e might prove significant in the UK keeping pace with other, more connected countries like Singapore and South Korea.

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