UK Government

Major Contracts

Chancellor to launch quantum supercomputing scheme in Autumn Statement

"Moonshots" aiming to establish quantum supercomputing leadership, including a national machine, is among future plans outlined by Chancellor Jeremy Hunt

Major Contracts

Jeremy Hunt to announce science and tech VC programme

The Chancellor is looking to cultivate a group of investors specialising in AI, robotics and vaccines


£200m digital skills training scheme launched by UK government

Government funding is to be aimed at digital skills training across high-growth UK sectors including green energy and construction

AI & Machine Learning

AI Safety Summit: what to expect

Government officials and tech companies are set to come together for the world's first AI Safety Summit on the 1st and 2nd November

AI & Machine Learning

“Meaningful” AI regulation needed from UK government, says report

A University of Cambridge report states that “solid legal and ethical AI regulation” will be key to trust from UK industry and public.

AI & Machine Learning

UK government calls for AI infrastructure access ahead of global summit

As big tech AI innovation continues, government officials push for under-the-hood access to key start-ups' technology ahead of the world's first AI safety summit

Government & Public Sector

Semiconductor Advisory Panel launched to help steer government strategy

The new panel of industry experts aims to aid the government's National Semiconductor Strategy for decades to come

AI & Machine Learning

Quantexa announces over £200m in AI research funding

Decision intelligence unicorn Quantexa is planning a London AI Innovation Centre and new global investments in enterprise and governmental innovation

AI & Machine Learning

Google predicts £400bn AI boost for UK economy

In its report on the economic impact of AI in the UK, Google stated that R&D, computing capacity and digital skills will be keys to long-term success

AI & Machine Learning

Just 6% of MPs confident in UK regulators to monitor AI

Research from AI policy network Appraise reveals that fewer than one in 10 MPs believe existing regulators have the necessary skills or expertise to regulate AI

Data Protection & Privacy

Data Protection and Digital Information Bill explained

Here's how the proposed UK Data Protection and Digital Information Bill could affect the operations of businesses

AI & Machine Learning

£54m in UK government funding announced for AI research

UK Technology Secretary Chloe Smith announced government investment totalling £54m towards building secure and trustworthy AI, at London Tech Week