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Data Protection & Privacy

The future of private AI: open source vs closed source

As regulation of artificial intelligence evolves, the future of AI could be private in nature - here's how adoption of open and close source capabilities would compare


How fully homomorphic encryption can solve blockchain’s privacy problem

Jason Delabays explains how fully homomorphic encryption can help businesses innovating with blockchain ensure privacy long-term.

Data Protection & Privacy

GDPR compliance: what organisations need to know

The EU GDPR remains one of the biggest changes to data protection compliance globally, and organisations must be prepared.

Data Protection & Privacy

Data Privacy Day 2023: keeping data secure and compliant

On the 17th annual Data Privacy Day — also known as Data Protection Day — we explore what organisations need to consider this year when it comes to keeping data secure and compliant with regulations

Data Protection & Privacy

Data privacy: why consent does not equal compliance


How Web3 security will differ from Web2 security for businesses


Data privacy can give businesses a competitive advantage

AI & Machine Learning

How AI could be a game-changer for data privacy

Data Protection & Privacy

Digital self defense: Is privacy tech killing AI?

Data Protection & Privacy

Why a data privacy officer should be your company’s next hire

Data Analytics & Data Science

The role that data will play in our future

Governance, Risk and Compliance

The role of organisational culture in data privacy and transparency