Digital Disruption


How the OU’s digital growth strategy boosted student numbers

Disruptive Innovation

Is technology and social isolation occurring in pockets of society?

Digital Transformation

Is digital disruption an opportunity or a hindrance?

Digital Transformation

The skills shortage: The main barrier to digital transformation?

Cloud & Edge Computing

Cloud migration case study: Guinness World Records to AWS

Business Skills

Microsoft UK CTO on having both ‘technical and business outcome skills’

Digital Transformation

Digital disruption means ethics is playing catch-up

While it can’t be denied that technology has been driving the biggest disruptions in business across the past decade, it should also be noted that in numerous cases, regulation, and indeed ethics, have struggled to keep up.

Digital Transformation

How can firms embrace the digital to achieve growth?

CEOs and boards across the globe are struggling to understand how digitalisation can be used to achieve the growth they are seeking.

Business Skills

Digital skills is the cornerstone of innovation

AI & Machine Learning

2018: The year for telco transformation


Digital media disruptors become latest target for cyber criminals

ThreatMetrix, who monitor more than 24 billion online transactions each year, have seen a staggering 144 million attacks over the last 90 days.

Digital Transformation

Financial services businesses ‘struggling to differentiate on customer experience’

84% of financial services organisations believe that the financial services IT department should be more focused on customer experience.