Digital Infrastructure

Business & Strategy

Keys to successful M&A technology integration

Any merger or acquisition completion will call for the combination of tech from the different networks involved. In this article, we explore the keys to a successful M&A technology integration.

Digital Transformation

Rebuilding public infrastructure with digital capabilities post-COVID


Technology investment and partnerships: Driving 21st century growth

The UK Minister for Investment, Alphabet's CFO and an UAE Minister of State discuss how technology investment and partnerships are crucial in driving 21st century growth.

Business & Strategy

Get your technology infrastructure ready for the Age of Uncertainty

Government & Public Sector

Digital overhaul of UK government recommended for ‘greener’ future

IT management

Diversifying IT investment: It’s not just cyber-security

Communications & Networking

Scotland looks to ultrafast broadband connectivity

Communications & Networking

Digital connectivity drive vital for UK’s economic prospects

Digital Transformation

UK leads Europe as one of world’s “digital elite” economies


Need for a more ambitious government to tackle UK’s poor digital infrastructure