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Transformative technology trends coming to the fore in 2024

AI isn’t the only development worth keeping an eye on in 2024, says Mobica’s global head of technology, Mariusz Stolarski

Emerging Technology & Innovation

Facing the future: three cutting-edge roles fit for Web3

In this article, we identify three cutting-edge tech roles that will prove valuable in the Web3 space

AI & Machine Learning

AGI hardware in progress to speed up development of artificial general intelligence

Decentralised AI network SingularityNET and chip vendor Simuli.ai have partnered with the aim of creating more advanced artificial general intelligence (AGI) development hardware

Emerging Technology & Innovation

How emerging technology will transform your business

Emerging Technology & Innovation

Innovate UK to put £500,000 towards quantum computing innovation

AI & Machine Learning

Inside the “hive-mind”: how AI-powered drone “swarms” can benefit society

Digital Transformation

Over a third of UK businesses expect to disrupt their market


Phishing attacks — can AI help people provide a fix?

Cloud & Edge Computing

Harnessing the power of the cloud to benefit drug development

Digital Transformation

The future will not be advertised: consumers are anxious about new technology

Professor Steve Yoo and his colleagues at the UCL School of Management; Yufei Huang, Bilal Gokpinar, and Chris Tang, discovered that consumers are anxious about new technology and only feel comfortable adopting it when they see that their friends have too.

AI & Machine Learning

The growing impact of emerging technologies

AI & Machine Learning

Tech as a competitive advantage in logistics