Generative AI


Historical education bolstered by AI-powered digital human

A digital human modelled and trained on the writings of Luigi Einaudi has been released by the Einaudi Foundation and Reply.

AI & Machine Learning

AI observability launched by New Relic to aid LLM monitoring

AI Monitoring (AIM) from observability provider New Relic will help business customers to monitor and mitigate LLM performance flaws.


Large language models in cybersecurity

With generative AI being a possible a game changer for legitimate businesses and cybercrime gangs alike, we explore the double-edged sword large language models present to cybersecurity

AI & Machine Learning

$10m AI Safety Fund launched by GenAI consortium

The Frontier Model Forum, consisting of OpenAI, Anthropic, Microsoft and Google, announces new funding towards AI safety, and a new executive director


Protecting against cyber attacks backed by generative AI

Threat actors are turning to generative AI capabilities to evolve social engineering and other cyber attacks — here's how businesses can stay protected

Generative AI

The skills needed to succeed as an AI prompt engineer

Alan Jacobson explores the skills required for future success as an AI prompt engineer — also referred to as an 'AI whisperer'.

Generative AI

Chatbots in the future of customer service

Chatbots and generative AI are set to take centre stage in the future of customer service, but challenges remain to be addressed

Generative AI

AI development held back due to shortage of computer chips

British researchers are being hampered because UK does not have enough top-spec computer chips, which are crucial for developing generative AI, says watchdog

Generative AI

Salesforce and Google expand partnership to drive GenAI productivity

The partnership extension between Salesforce and Google will see CRM and Google Workspace capabilities brought together, as GenAI demand continues to surge

Generative AI

Salesforce launches Einstein Copilot and Copilot Studio

During Dreamforce this week, Salesforce announced new copilot tools for its AI model Einstein, helping bolster productivity

Development & Programming

SnapGPT generative AI integration solution released by SnapLogic

SnapLogic's new SnapGPT AI product will allow enterprises to integrate applications and data sources with natural language

Generative AI

Mitigating the organisational risks of generative AI

Risks including bias and hallucinations abound across generative AI projects. Jeff Watkins explains how businesses can mitigate them long-term.