Insurance Industry

Digital Transformation

The changing face of the insurance industry: digital transformation

Digital Transformation

Meeting customer demands: the insurance market needs to adapt to digital

While some industries seem to be making quantum leaps in tech development and adoption, some industries - like insurance - have fallen behind.

Digital Transformation

What’s stopping the insurance industry’s digitisation?

The insurance industry is undergoing a rapid shift in the way players do business and interact with customers.


Why connected cars might kill the insurance market

Legal & Accountancy

Back to the future: What will the next 10 years hold for the insurance industry?

Data Analytics & Data Science

The clock is ticking for insurers to get a handle on the new EU data rules

Software and Applications

Modernising a 100-year-old insurer


Safe&Secure Insurance Services found insecure

Consumer Electronics & Mobile

US insurer Chubb’s marketing-driven app play

Data Storage & Data Lakes

New mainframe for London Insurance Market

Cloud & Edge Computing

Putting the London insurance market into the cloud


UK insurer Friends Life signs £1.4bn outsourcing deal