Legacy Systems

Disruptive Innovation

Modernising the insurance industry with a shared IT platform model

Johanna Von Geyr, partner and EMEA lead banking, financial services and insurance at ISG, explores how to modernise the insurance industry.

Business & Strategy

Eliminate overtime with technology-driven workplace transformation

Cloud & Edge Computing

Live chat: Backing up conversations in the cloud

Financial Services

Financial services: Data silos and legacy systems are preventing data insights


How to secure legacy systems and protect against IoT attacks

Andrew Bushby, UK director at Fidelis Cybersecurity, explains to Information Age how businesses can transform their security practices.

Digital Transformation

Turning digital chaos into digital transformation at Pegaworld 2018

Cloud & Edge Computing

Hybrid cloud moving businesses forward – away from restrictive legacy systems

Software and Applications

Banking on APIs to solve the legacy conundrum

Business & Strategy

Why IT projects continue to fail at an alarming rate

Digital Transformation

Digitalisation, innovation and virtualisation: How to avoid disruption

Retailers need to have proper digital transformation strategies in place or face going out of business – similar to Toys r Us.

Digital Transformation

Embracing a truly digital world


UK Council’s digital facelift leads to significant savings

Derby City Council confirms 60% savings on its data centre provision since move to Crown Hosting Services Framework.