Legacy Systems

Software and Applications

Software-defined storage: a crossroads for businesses?

Digital Transformation

Legacy technology is biggest barrier to digital transformation

Consumer Electronics & Mobile

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Cloud & Edge Computing

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Business Continuity

Cyber security in the NHS: useless operating systems and legacy applications

Business Continuity

Insurance is falling behind when it comes to technology expectations

Unless they move away from outdated practices, insurers will fail to meet customer, employee and investor technology expectations.

Digital Transformation

Propelling legacy systems into real time

Financial Services

What makes a great digital bank?


What digital trends will be seen this year?

Digital disruption reigns across every industry, boundaries are being torn down as hyper connected technology redefines the limits of what is possible.

Business & Strategy

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Communications & Networking

Extracting value from your IT and comms infrastructures

Digital Transformation

What’s stopping the insurance industry’s digitisation?

The insurance industry is undergoing a rapid shift in the way players do business and interact with customers.