Open Source

Data Protection & Privacy

The future of private AI: open source vs closed source

As regulation of artificial intelligence evolves, the future of AI could be private in nature - here's how adoption of open and close source capabilities would compare

Generative AI

Microsoft generative AI priced at $30 per month

Features include the coding copilot from Microsoft are set to see a 53-83 per cent price surge, as the corporation enters a generative AI partnership with Meta

Data Protection & Privacy

Combining Qumulo integration with open source backup software

Software development automation platform Yuzuy has been looking to drive value from integration with Qumulo and customer partnerships


61,000 open source projects, vulnerable to 15-year-old flaw, now patched

Following discovery of a 15-year-old vulnerability affecting open source projects through Python, Trellix has managed to patch over 61,000 of the ventures affected

AI & Machine Learning

Why the EU’s Artificial Intelligence Act could harm innovation


350,000 open source projects at risk due to 15-year-old vulnerability

Software and Applications

Advantages of open source software compared to paid equivalents

Development & Programming

Safeguarding the open source model amidst big tech involvement

Cloud & Edge Computing

Open source brings faster path to security for majority of CISOs

AI & Machine Learning

How Kubernetes extends to machine learning (ML)

This article explores the ways in which Kubernetes enhances the use of machine learning (ML) within the enterprise.

Development & Programming

2022: the year of the open source tiger

In celebration of Chinese New Year, Amanda Brock, CEO of OpenUK, provides her 2022 predictions for open source technologies in the UK.

Business & Strategy

Open source and mental health: the biggest challenges facing developers