Quantum Computing

Major Contracts

Chancellor to launch quantum supercomputing scheme in Autumn Statement

"Moonshots" aiming to establish quantum supercomputing leadership, including a national machine, is among future plans outlined by Chancellor Jeremy Hunt


New MIT framework helps firms determine quantum value

Research from MIT Sloan details areas that businesses can analyse to decide whether quantum or traditional computing would be best for tasks.


Q-CTRL achieves risk based certification in quantum market first

Sydney-headquarted Q-CTRL is the first independent quantum software vendor to achieve ISO 27001 certification

Emerging Technology & Innovation

Why quantum computing could hit your business short-term

Quantum computing expected to drag US GDP down by $310bn a year, due to high cost of integrating these supercomputers which will ultimately turbocharge global economy

AI & Machine Learning

Is quantum computing the next frontier for machine learning experts?

Here, we consider the role that machine learning tech talent could play in the quantum computing space, as R&D gains traction

Cloud & Edge Computing

IBM starts work on European quantum data centre

IBM is looking to meet demand for provisioned quantum systems across the EU by planning a pioneering data centre facility in Germany

Emerging Technology & Innovation

UK Government announce 10-year quantum funding scheme worth £2.5bn

A decade-long programme has been launched by the UK Government, entailing £2.5bn in funding towards quantum computing initiatives

Emerging Technology & Innovation

Quantum Motion raises £42m in largest UK quantum funding round

UK scale-up Quantum Motion has achieved the largest funding round in the national quantum space to date, to help accelerate silicon processor development


Preparing for post-quantum in 10 steps

With post-quantum technology having the potential to trigger a new wave of cyber threats, we identify 10 steps that organisations should take to prepare

Emerging Technology & Innovation

Salesforce makes first quantum investment, backing Q-CTRL

Global quantum software provider Q-CTRL has announced Series B-1 funding of $27.4m, with participation from Salesforce Ventures

Emerging Technology & Innovation

Oxford Ionics secures £30m in funding towards UK quantum innovation

Oxford University-based start-up Oxford Ionics has secured £30m from investors including Arm founder Herman Hauser, to boost further quantum innovation in the UK

Emerging Technology & Innovation

TCS and AWS partner to launch enterprise quantum services