Business & Strategy

Future workers to work three-and-a-half day weeks, says JP Morgan chief

As the role of AI increases across business, JP Morgan chief executive Jamie Dimon says the workers of the future will work less hours as a result

AI & Machine Learning

Key AI stakeholders establish regulation forum

ChatGPT developer OpenAI has ditched its AI text detection program and formed a regulation body alongside Google, Microsoft and Anthropic

AI & Machine Learning

84 questions to ask before training an AI model

AI experts and data scientists have published a checklist of questions developers should ask before embarking on training an AI model

Generative AI

How generative AI regulation is shaping up around the world

With generative AI developments heating up globally, we take a look at the regulation state of play for regions across the world

AI & Machine Learning

EU AI Act met with claims of stifled innovation

In an open letter to policymakers, over 150 European companies have stated that the proposed EU AI Act "would jeopardise Europe’s competitiveness"

AI & Machine Learning

Just 6% of MPs confident in UK regulators to monitor AI

Research from AI policy network Appraise reveals that fewer than one in 10 MPs believe existing regulators have the necessary skills or expertise to regulate AI

AI & Machine Learning

What the EU AI Act plenary vote will mean for businesses

Today, members of the European Parliament voted in favour of the EU AI Act to regulate businesses, including monitoring of generative AI and biometric identification

AI & Machine Learning

Rishi Sunak lobbying for launch of UK-hosted global AI regulator

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is set to hold talks with President Joe Biden this week, over a possible global AI research hub and regulator being hosted in the UK

Legislation & Regulation

EU/US global AI code of conduct ‘within weeks’

European Union and United States working at speed to publish voluntary code of conduct for companies working in artificial intelligence, ahead of legislation

AI & Machine Learning

AI development needs state control, says pioneer

Yoshua Bengio, one of the three ‘godfathers of AI’, says firms developing artificial intelligence systems need government oversight

Legislation & Regulation

What the draft EU AI Act means for regulation

Information Age speaks to EU data protection, intellectual property and technology experts about the business implications of the EU AI Act

Generative AI

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman shares AI regulation concerns with US Senate

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman admits that 'significant harm' could be caused globally by AI large language models such as GPT-4 unless more stringent regulation is put in place