AI & Machine Learning

Slack chief executive cites chip costs as key AI barrier

Newly appointed Slack CEO Lidiane Jones says that surging costs for chips to power AI could prove a key challenge towards long-term innovation

Generative AI

Salesforce announces Slack GPT to deliver conversational AI to businesses

Salesforce has launched Slack GPT, its new generative AI offering for business chat, delivering native AI features within the Slack platform

Generative AI

Salesforce and OpenAI announce ChatGPT for Slack

As part of a partnership between Salesforce and OpenAI, ChatGPT for Slack has been launched to provide workforces with faster conversational capabilities


Uber cyber attack: protecting against social engineering


Salesforce acquires Slack for £20.6 billion

Communications & Networking

Slack Connect launched to enable messaging across organisations

Releases & Updates

Slack expands data residency to the UK

Communications & Networking

The best conferencing tech for working from home

Software and Applications

Slack’s latest fundraising creates stellar valuation

Releases & Updates

Slack and Atlassian join forces as part of a strategic alliance