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As DevOps matures top talent is in demand

The DevOps space still holds substantial potential for growth. Here's how tech talent can get involved, and a host of vacancies to apply for

Development & Programming

SnapGPT generative AI integration solution released by SnapLogic

SnapLogic's new SnapGPT AI product will allow enterprises to integrate applications and data sources with natural language

Development & Programming

Developers spending less than an hour on coding

Toolchain maintenance and other administrative tasks are keeping developers away from coding, leading to burnout and an estimated £10.4bn a year being wasted

Development & Programming

AI means that ‘everyone is a programmer now’ says Nvidia CEO

Unveiling a new generative AI platform for tech companies, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang has hailed a new era of computing that improves access to coding capabilities


Use of AI in DevSecOps surging among businesses

GitLab research has revealed that use of AI to check code and deploy testing bots in DevSecOps has increased by over 10 per cent since last year

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Lines of code written – a useful metric of productivity?


350,000 open source projects at risk due to 15-year-old vulnerability

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Advantages of open source software compared to paid equivalents

IoT and M2M

Four practices in IoT software development

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Safeguarding the open source model amidst big tech involvement

Development & Programming

Challenging misconceptions around a developer career

Digital Transformation

Why integration must be the foundation for digital change