Tech Investment


UK pension funds trail Scandinavia for start-up investment

Venture capital investment is down across Europe, but AI is bucking the trend.

Generative AI

Sam Altman reveals further Microsoft funding plans, to aid AGI development

In an FT interview, OpenAI chief Sam Altman said further investment from Microsoft is being explored, to back artificial general intelligence.

AI & Machine Learning

UK leads way when it comes to artificial intelligence investment

City of London report finds £3 billion was invested in artificial intelligence in 2022, nearly double France, Germany and rest of Europe combined

Major Contracts

Dawn Capital launches $700m fund for early-stage software start-ups

The new investment scheme — Europe's largest early-stage fund of its kind — comes as B2B software start-ups in the region maintain growth ambitions

AI & Machine Learning

PwC partners bet £100m on AI, reducing payouts

Annual payouts to PwC partners have taken a hit in favour of investment in AI, as further research points to great disruption potential


London SMEs spending half of revenue on tech

In the capital, 64 per cent of SMEs are turning to technology investments to increase productivity.

AI & Machine Learning

Quantexa announces over £200m in AI research funding

Decision intelligence unicorn Quantexa is planning a London AI Innovation Centre and new global investments in enterprise and governmental innovation


UK tech investment sees fall of 57 per cent

Atomico research reveals that UK tech companies raised $7.4bn (£5.9bn) during the first half of 2023, in the sharpest investment decline across Europe


Why the tech boom won’t last forever

Demand for IT services has cooled, and the impact of higher inflation and tighter monetary policy could bring the tech boom to a standstill, says Oxford Economics' Max Anderson

Generative AI

70% of businesses currently exploring generative AI innovation

A Gartner poll has revealed that 70 per cent of organisations are currently in 'exploration mode' when it comes to generative AI innovation

Emerging Technology & Innovation

Quantum Motion raises £42m in largest UK quantum funding round

UK scale-up Quantum Motion has achieved the largest funding round in the national quantum space to date, to help accelerate silicon processor development

Emerging Technology & Innovation

Salesforce makes first quantum investment, backing Q-CTRL

Global quantum software provider Q-CTRL has announced Series B-1 funding of $27.4m, with participation from Salesforce Ventures